sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Women in burca

The bill about the prohibition of complete voile in public places will be analysed by the Council of Ministries this May 19th.

This project put over 50000 Salafistes in France under the spot. The Salafistes women, who are members of the radical wing of Islam are obliged to use the burca which is a long, usually black, robe that hides women underneath.

This burca issue, is not only a knock for genre topics, but also a knock for Western values.
France is one of the most important promoters of Western culture.

As Mr. Huntington says in his book Clash of civilization and the remaking of world Order, the West shouldn't ignore the existence of the East, because the key to the world leadership is in the negotiation. But first of all, the West has to be responsible for the protection of Western values. That includes a secular State in a secular Public Space.

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